1 You may make a reservation by email
2 There is a minimum booking stay of 2 nights on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) during the winter season
3 All prices quoted to you are exclusive of service fees unless stated otherwise.
1 Once our availability of apartment space and your desire to rent is confirmed then a down payment deposit must accompany your reservation, part of which may be refundable.
a. Apartment stays of less than 1 week require a non-refundable deposit of $75.00 US upon booking.
b. Apartment stays of 1 week or more require a $200.00US deposit upon booking, 75% (less mailing expenses) of which is refundable should your cancellation be made 20 days or more prior to your expected arrival.
c. There will be no refunds in the case of no shows and cancelled reservations made for the Christmas/New Years weeks or for Easter (Semena Santa).
2 Weekly group tour bookings must be accompanied by a 50% down payment at time of booking. Should you cancel your group booking 20 days or more prior to your date 75% (less mailing expenses) of your deposit shall be refunded.
3 All deposits must be made in American, Canadian, or Mexican currency, bank wire transfer, or PayPal.
4 The balance of your payment, due upon arrival at Mis Casas must be made in US cash or Mexican Pesos.
Travel and Medical Liability & Insurance
1 You are responsible for your own travel and medical insurance.
2 While Mis Casas Aventuras de la Jungla Amable offer quality equipment, services, first aid kits and safety procedures all participants of accommodation and tour rentals are doing so at their own risk.
3 There is a medical clinic in the town of Los Limones that is 15 km from our location at the north end of Laguna Bacalar. There is good medical and dental care in the town of Bacalar that is about a 40-minute drive.
4 The nearest full service hospital is in the state capital of Chetumal, at about 1.5 hours driving from the property.
Eco Conscious Considerations
1 We are located in a national protected zone- biosphere area at the north end of Laguna Bacalar. The area is defined as a neo-tropical jungle.
a Off grid power is provided by the use of solar panels. Guests are expected to be conscious of their use of lights and electricity. Guests are encouraged to bring their own flashlight for individual use. Candles are also provided in all accommodation and common area buildings. All charging of cellphones must be done midday when the sun is strongest.
b Waste disposal is taken care of by a septic system, and the sorting and recycling of disposable garbage (compost, burnable, plastic, glass and metal) is done. Guests are expected to follow the guidelines provided. Please buy your beer in cans/tins (latas) NOT bottles.
c Soaps and detergents are not allowed to be used in the lake. Guests are encouraged to bring bio-degradable shampoos and soaps.
2 We are located in the heart of the Costa Maya and our surrounding area is ancient Maya land. Removal of plant, animal, mineral or artifact materials is prohibited.
3 We generally have a “no noise” past 10 pm rule. Quiet only activities from 6 am to 8 am are appreciated. Drones may not be operated at any time.
4 Kayaks, canoes, rafts, sailboats and electric powered boats are the preferred method of lake travel. While gas operated motorboats are not banned they are also not encouraged. Fishing is also not encouraged and hunting is prohibited.
Language and Diversity
1 Your hosts and/or immediate neighbours speak the following languages: English, Spanish, and German
2 The local town(s) population is Mexican, Maya. There is also a mormon community and an eclectic group of north Americans and Europeans.
3 We are a gay positive Resort.