Guest Comments

Thank you to all the guests who have stayed with us!
For starters I’d like to say that you have been the nicest hosts anyone could ask for-thanks for welcoming us into your little bit of paradise. You have some beautiful forest here with lots of birds and I am certain lots of butterflies at the right time of the year. However we did see some good ones, some I have never seen before, including an unexpected overnight guest , the rare Carystoides abrahami or Abraham’s Ruby-eye, a real treat for us! The birding was great right from our apartment. It’s been a lovely experience being here- lots of peace and tranquility- lots of beautiful sunrises and warm and friendly people. Thankyou!
– Bob and Karen, Toronto, Canada, 2011

My favourite days of my holiday
In a lake based hideaway
Surely I could find a way
Couldn’t we just stay another day
A heap of memories to take away
Save them for a rainy day
And take me back to yesterday
Simply the best days of my holiday
– Jake, Streatham, England, 2011

Venimos con tod a la familia por una noche. Tienen un lugar muy bonita y comodo, seguremos viniendo cada vez que tengamos la oportunida, ya que venido 2 or 3 veces al ano. Sera un placer teneilas como vecinas en unos anos. Gracias por la hospitalidad!!!
– Fam. Hernandez, Mexico, 2011

Mis Casas, a wonderful, peaceful place. I love all the art work in unexpected places and all the comfortable places to sit and watch and listen to the incredible birds songs. Kim and Katarina have created a wonderland in the jungle!
– Doreen, 2013

“Linda Juanita and I (Dona Maria) truly lucked out on the bus- all the students were on their way to Pedro Santos and gave us a quick tour of the village, and happily escorted us down the long and winding road that leads to Mis Casas. Now that I know what heaven looks like I promise to be GOOD so that I can return”.
– Dona Maria from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

“I took a tour with Katarina to the “Jungle Rio”. It was a wildlife wonderland. Toucans, Parrots and even a Croc near the Rancho. At the entrance to the river we saw a group of Spider Monkeys in the tall trees. Then there was an otter in the bay right off of Mis Casas. Katarina…thanks for the tour and sharing you love and knowledge of the lake. You have a beautiful place here and we look forward to a return trip”.
– Jim from USA

“The goddesses used the Super Duper Deluxe Pack of Crayons when colouring your ‘hood’. It is truly a magical place, full of wonder, beauty and mystery”.
– Patricia from Eastern Ontario, Canada

“I am sipping my coffee looking out at the Laguna through the waving palms…..this is paradise! Thank you for sharing it with us. I could not have picked a more wonderful place to relax and take in nature. Our good fortune that Fritz sent us to you. I love the accommodations and my guided tour into the river was an exceptional time. I shall return”.
– Noreen, Twin-Cities, USA

Petit paradis naturel!! Un con du Neaique a connaitre. Accueil es sympatique. Nous parlsons de la place. Merci pour votre gentiflesse.
– From France, 2011

Gracias a las dos por habernos compartido este hermosa lugar, nos gusto mucho la bienvenida tan calida y amable que nos dieron, nos divertimos mucho en la laguna y tambien la fogata que hiermos en as noche. Dios les bendiga y muchias gracias por todo.
– Cesar Sobrino y familia, 2013

What a beautiful creation you have made! Yet keeping with the special features of the jungle and lake. It’s a very magical place to be in. Thank you for sharing.
– Anne & Don from Canyon City, Oregon

Thank you for your hospitality- rarely has my stay in a “cat-house” been this relaxing, serene and lovely. Excellent amenities, beautiful locale, terrific birdlife, great activities-swimming, walking, canoeing. Next time a little longer visit with time to explore more of the lake and the jungle.
– Andy and Sheila, Los Gatos, California, USA, 2011

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