Gentle Jungle Tours

There is so much to do for nature adventurers who visit us! You can simply stay at Mis Casas and explore the gardens and identify trees, plants and hidden creatures or venture out on the dirt roads for long walks, or explore the lake by canoe. You can sit in the palapa and read nature books or book a short tour of the north end of the lake. We are able to offer guided canoe tours with English or Spanish speaking guides. As a guest you are able to take a canoe or kayak out on your own if you are an experienced paddler. Life jackets are provided.

Breakfast and Birds
Join us at 6:30 in the morning in the palapa for coffee/tea and a quick look through the birding books we have of the area. Then set out to a few prime locations nearby to bird watch. Upon returning back to the palapa at about 8:30 enjoy a home cooked breakfast while you use the bird books to identify what you saw. (200 pesos per person)

Santa Cruz Chico & North Creek Canoe Trip
Leaving from Mis Casas’ boathouse by canoe we will travel 2m north on the lake to explore the wetlands and creek that feed the northern end of the lake. Along the way you will pass by a few quaint and beautiful neighbours’ places before reaching the eco-parque area of Uchben Kah. Carrying on north we enter the creek and its winding narrow tributaries where you will see a variety of plant life (orchids), birds and if lucky perhaps the infrequently seen Neo-Tropical Otter, rare turtles, and large fish who seem to perhaps have taken a wrong turn from the sea and swum north. Snacks and drinks are provided on this 1.5-3hour canoe trip. (200 pesos per person)

Jungle- Rio Canoe Trip
Leaving Mis Casas boathouse by canoe on this approximately 3 hour return trip we will travel 3km south on the lake to enter an enchanted tropical paradise. Along the way we will pass by neighbouring lots and Rancho San Martin before entering the river. Traveling about ½ km down the small river, you will be treated to the incredible sounds of jungle birds and animals that make this location their home. Orchids, Bromeliads and Cacti adorn the old trees that hug the river’s shoreline. Once in the river, snacks and drinks will be served while you float in your canoe and watch for wildlife. If lucky you may see monkeys, or the old crocodile that lives along the shore! (250 pesos per person)

Manatee Bay Canoe Trip
This full half day trip (best done in the early morning to be home around lunch time) follows the shoreline south past the Jungle Rio entrance (see description above) and on into a large bay that is sheltered on the west by an island and then a peninsula of land. We affectionately call this Manatee Bay as Manatees have been sighted here as have Merlot Crocodiles and a variety of tree climbing jungle animals like Tejons (badgers) and small shore inhabiting reptiles like Turtles and Basilisks (Lizard family). Additionally Herons, Egrets, Turkey Vultures, Ospreys, Kingfishers and other bird life populate this area of thick Mangrove trees and tropical vegetation. Refreshments and breaks will be taken on this 4-5 hour round trip canoe excursion. Upon returning to Mis Casas a hearty brunch will be served while you look in the nature books and share identification stories before no doubt taking a well deserved siesta !  (400 pesos per person)

Day Trips & Even Longer Adventures
With proper lead time and availability of tour guides longer trips can also be arranged for you.

  • Mis Casas-Laguna Bacalar to Laguna Chili Verde return (long full day)
  • Mis Casas-Laguna Bacalar to Laguna Chili Verde ending at Raudales (2 days, 1 night camping)
  • Mis Casas-Laguna Bacalar to Buenavista (nearby lakeside town with great lakeside restaurant and picnic area) roundtrip (full long day)
  • Bacalar-Laguna Bacalar to Xel-Ha return trip (including the famous fast water section) (full long day)
  • Bacalar-Laguna Bacalar to Huay Pix-Laguna Milagros, travelling the “Route of the Pirates” (full long day)
  • Rio Hondo at La Union to Laguna Milagros ( 8 days, 7 nights camping)