About Mis Casas Aventuras de la Jungla Amable

January  2019 marks the 18th year of our land lease of lot no. 44 on the north end of the spectacular Laguna Bacalar. Within  the Ejido  of Pedro Antonio de los Santos (Pedro Santos) at km 59 of highway 307, the shoreline lots are part of a federally  protected area  of this neo tropical   jungle environment. The lake itself extends 57 km south, past the town of Bacalar,  eventually  emptying into the Rio Hondo and the Bay of Chetumal. Driving in the 4km dirt road  to our waterfront lot (no. 44) is your first adventure of the start of a wonderful  stay at the lake!

During our 18 years here we have worked hard to be eco conscious and to lessen our footprint by being “as green as feasible.” Our power is from a rooftop solar system and propane systems provide hot water,  cooking facilities and refrigeration.  We separate  and recycle recyclables, compost organic waste and do not use cleaning products in the lake. Cell phone coverage  is not always available  on site, depending on weather and your cell service provider.

In the early  years hard physical labour was needed to clear the dense jungle to build the structures that now house you and provide common spaces to enhance your enjoyment of the lake. Many of the comforts, security and general artfulness of MIS CASAS   is due to an active barter  system  that has operated  for many years. We thank everyone who has contributed to this way of operating.

Hope to see you soon!

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It is beautiful and it is jungle. Please time your arrival during daylight hours if possible. A flashlight is your friend! Always have it with you at night. If you are coming by car, bringing in a bag of ice is so very much appreciated!

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